Tax Advisory

Investment projects can take advantage of cumulative financial and tax benefits.

Make your company fiscally more efficient!

STREAM offers a financial and tax support service that will make your company fiscally more efficient, resulting in tax savings. This theme gains particular relevance if your company has approved investment projects.

  • Contractual Tax
  • SIFIDE II - Tax Incentives System for Entrepreneurial Research & Development
  • RFAI – Tax Regime for Investment Support
  • DLRR – Tax benefit for the reinvestment of retained earnings
  • RCCS – Conventional Remuneration of Share Capital

Contractual tax

They may be granted to projects that have relevant applications equal to or greater than € 3,000,000.


The tax credit is available, under certain conditions, for R&D expenses.


RFAI applies to relevant investments made on fixed tangible and intangible assets.


A tax incentive to micro, small and medium-sized companies that allows a Corporate Income Tax deduction of 10% of the retained and reinvested earnings used for the acquisition of relevant applications.


The regime foresees a deduction from the taxable profit corresponding to 7% of the contributions, up to € 2 million, upon the incorporation of an entity or capital increases, applicable to cash contributions and conversion of credits, or the use of the profits of the same taxable period.