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Portugal is Europe's best kept secret!

The success of Portugal as an investment destination is based on the country’s positive approach towards international business. Portugal offers a strategic location, access to key markets, skilled human resources, competitive costs and top infrastructures.

STREAM can offer support in implementation of your business in Portugal.

STREAM has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of various sectors and is in a privileged position to understand the market, both nationally and internationally, and to better advise clients, who consider Portugal as an investment destination.

Our value proposition is based on an integrated offer of consultancy services that respond to the main needs that organizations may have when evaluating and deciding to implement their business in Portugal.

Since the identification the suitable incentive opportunities, as well as monitor the entire implementation process in Portugal and support throughout the life cycle of the new establishment, namely:

  • Support the creation of the company in Portugal, with specialized partners in tax and legal areas;
  • Analysing the local and international market, creating a valuable positioning;
  • Design the industrial layout and optimization of flows and operations;
  • Create and implement work standards (e.g. workstation i4.0);
  • Support and accompany negotiation processes, when required, to ensure overall implementation success;
  • Support in identifying the type of suppliers and service providers that will be required to set-up operations locally;
  • Identification of potential partners in relevant services (e.g. logistics partners);
  • Develop and manage Requests for Information, when applicable;
  • Support leaders in identifying shortlist of potential partners;
  • Develop and manage Requests for Quotation from target suppliers/partners.

Safest country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index 2023


Most sustainable country, according to the Climate Change Performance Index, 2023

Most attractive country for foreign investment in Europe, according to the EY Attractiveness Survey, 2023

Factors considered more attractive by investors (%)

Font: EY – Portugal Attractiveness Survey, 2023

Investir em Portugal
Invest in Portugal
Investment Priorities

Main investment priorities in Portugal:

  • Renewable energies (e.g. Portugal plans to be EU’s principal green hydrogen producer)
  • + Innovation, + digitization + economic transformation
  • Greater connection (e.g. investment in transport networks)
  • Social rights
  • Sustainable urban development (e.g. smart cities)
Investir em Portugal
Invest in Portugal
Strategic Location

Portugal has a privileged and strategic location in the world. Located at the edge of the European continent, companies can quickly access the largest world markets. As well, Portugal offers a free search engine to inform organizations about places available to install their business (office centres, business parks, etc.):

21st Transport infrastructure

8th Road quality

22nd Linear shipping connectivity

30th Airport connectivity

Porto | European best airport (5-15 Million passengers)


Global Competitiveness Report 2019
Airports Council International, 2020

Investir em Portugal
Invest in Portugal
Tech hub

The Portuguese National ICT is a highly innovative and dynamic sector, which already represents nearly 10% of the Portuguese GDP. With young and highly qualified resources, it employs more than 80,000 people.  The sector is supported by world-class research developed in partnership with Portuguese universities.

Technology and Innovation

33rd in the world

23rd in Europe

Source: Technology and Innovation Report 2023 by UNCTAD

Investir em Portugal
Invest in Portugal
Doing Business

Portugal is the 1st country in the world for the ease of international trade and 39th for the ease of doing business.

Portugal is part of the European Union, the Eurozone and the Schengen area, having access to the European market of 500 million people and more than 250 million Portuguese-speaking consumers on four continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia).

Advantages: Free trade, no customs barriers and free movement of people and goods.

Source: Doing Business 2020