This is a unique moment for economic, industrial, scientific and technological development, that will generate employment and growth in new economic sectors and business models.

STREAM has a vast experience as a consulting entity to numerous organizations, acting in the entire project life cycle, from its genesis to the final evaluation of the results. Specifically, we provide support in the following phases:

  • Planning: we have high capacity to collect data and information from the most diverse sectors and, in a systematic way, transform them into knowledge to support the creation of wealth and sustainability of our clients' businesses, in the form of economic and financial analyses, technological benchmark studies, market studies and tailored training.
  • Development: we will provide structured support to the various stages of business life, highlighting the following:
    • Location identification (e.g. land)
    • Licensing and necessary authorizations (e.g. registration as a producer of renewable gases)
    • Supplier identification and selection (e.g. long term power purchase agreement - PPA)
    • Application for PIN status - Projects of Potential National Interest
    • Renewable gas auctions
    • Voluntary carbon market