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Do you want to invest in the energy sector or make your business greener? 

Since 2018, we have had a specialized team dedicated to the energy and climate area. This team has vast experience in systematizing information and transforming it into knowledge to support the creation of wealth and the sustainability of our clients' businesses, from studies and advice on financing to day-to-day operations.

We are living through a unique moment in economic, industrial, scientific and technological development, which will generate employment and growth in new economic sectors and business models, in areas such as energy efficiency, the massification of renewables, where renewable gases - hydrogen and biomethane - play a central role, electrification, digitalization and the development of low-carbon products/services. 

The core business of this area focuses on supporting our clients by anticipating and responding to complex market challenges and adjacent opportunities, offering a critical and innovative look at a range of services. With our experience in a wide range of sectors and in various specialties, STREAM offers a one-stop shop through various services.

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Hydrogen, the fuel of the future

While direct electrification and heat from renewable sources are in many cases the most cost and energy efficient decarbonization options, there are a number of end-use applications that may not be viable or have higher costs.

In such cases, various renewable or low-carbon fuels such as biogas, biomethane and sustainable biofuels, renewable and low-carbon hydrogen or synthetic fuels can be used through carbon capture, storage and utilization. This covers a range of industrial processes, as well as transport modes such as aviation and shipping, where sustainable alternative fuels such as advanced liquid biofuels and synthetic fuels will have a key role to play.


Hydrogen, the fuel of the future

Hydrogen stands out as an energy vector essential to the decarbonization of various sectors of the economy and with potential for the national economy, since Portugal has very favorable conditions for developing a hydrogen economy, with the existence of a modern natural gas infrastructure, competitive production prices of renewable electricity and a strategic geographical location for production and export. 

This renewable gas also brings together the following opportunities:

  • By 2050, it could generate a quarter of total energy demand;
  • 52 billion homes with H2 heating systems;
  • In transport, it could represent:
    • 42 M H2-powered cars
    • 1.7 M trucks
    • 500.000 buses
    • 5.500 trains

Font: Hydrogen Europe Roadmap

Because the future is now, we follow the development of technologies associated with renewable gases and their use at an industrial and commercial level, and we are ready to help your company benefit from public incentives in this area.

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