Potential National Interest’s Projects


In Portugal, there is a special regime prepared to support Investment Projects considered of National Interest (PIN) <>(Decree-Law no. 154/2013, of 5 November), which contributes for closer proximity and a faster and more efficient procedures related to public entities and central and local administration.

In addition, there is also a special regime for Investment Projects for the Interior (PII), according to (Decree-Law No. 111/2018 , of December 11), in order to promote the creation of a favorable context for private investment in the interior.

STREAM evaluates the alignment of the project as PIN or PII project, then, if applicable, writes and submit the application. At the same time, interacts with the evaluation committee and assigned manager, aiming for the success of the project's qualification with the PIN or PII status.


As a consulting firm with over 10 years experience, STREAM offers several integrated consulting services, providing support for the implementation of new businesses in Portugal, but also for the expansion of the productive capacity and operational excellence of our clients.

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