Reducing the dependence on fossil fuels in order to achieve a carbon-neutral society is the goal of Portugal and Europe by 2050. To achieve this goal, policies and measures have been and are being implemented, such as the European Ecological Pact and, at the national level, the Roadmap for Carbon Neutrality (RNC 2050), the National Energy and Climate Plan for 2021-2030 (PNEC 2030) and the National Strategy for Hydrogen (EN-H2).

STREAM gathers experts to support its clients in defining their energy strategy, namely efficiency and decarbonization.

We perform energy analysis and energy balances, both overall in the company and specific to each process, in order to reduce and optimize energy consumption and its environmental impact, but also to predict and assess the impact of measures leading to increased energy efficiency and decarbonization, whether they are operational changes or investments in new equipment or services.

Some significant reductions in energy consumption, and their cost, can be achieved through simple, sometimes low-cost, operational modifications. More involved changes may require greater investment and more detailed engineering analysis.