Markets Monitor & Analytics


Information is crucial to empower business leaders to make decisions based on facts, and to business growth. Thus, STREAM applies innovative methodologies to monitor, select, and analysis important information, reporting useful insights to its clients.

In a constantly evolving market, the decision-making process must be supported by data.

At STREAM, we create value for the leaders of the future, by supporting them in decision making, through the market, organizational and technological monitoring.

Daily monitoring combined with rigorous, timely and efficient data analysis, supported by the most advanced technologies generates unique knowledge, which makes STREAM a valuable partner.

STREAM has a high capacity to carry out data and information surveys from the most diverse sectors and systematically transform them into knowledge that supports the creation of wealth and the sustainability of our clients' businesses.


As a consulting firm with over 10 years experience, STREAM offers several integrated consulting services, providing support for the implementation of new businesses in Portugal, but also for the expansion of the productive capacity and operational excellence of our clients.

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