New sustainable packaging materials

The Swedish company Tetra Pak is a pioneer in research into the use of synchrotron radiation for the production of more sustainable food and beverage packaging made from plant-based materials.

Synchrotron radiation is commonly used in scientific research as a tool for research and development in materials science, and when compared to other x-ray sources, it offers more brightness, high directivity and energy variability, factors that make it the most suitable source for research into the use of plant-based materials. These new plant-based packages, to meet the growing demands of sustainability, should not only guarantee food safety, but also be recyclable and more resistant to liquids and moisture.

The first industrial research and development experiment at ForMAX, a completely new research station dedicated to the study of forest materials (located at the MAX IV laboratory in Lund, Sweden) is aimed at optimizing the composition of the materials used in paper straws.

With this research, Tetra Pak is helping to discover new knowledge about plant-based materials as a basis for future innovations.