5G Technology in the new automated warehouse

Sumol+Compal, a company dedicated to the production of beverages, is transforming its operations by making several investments regarding digital transformation. In October 2021 Sumol+Compal inaugurated its new automated warehouse in Almeirim, with intentions to double storage capacity, increase shipping speed, reduce total stocks of finished products for the operations in Portugal, and eliminate double transportation, which reduces its CO2 footprint by about 1,000 tonnes per year.

The implementation of 5G technology in the warehouse, in partnership with NOS, allows the transforming of industry processes, materialize more optimized, efficient, and secure logistics chain, and contemplate an IoT sensing project, allowing constant monitoring of performance indicators on the production lines and solutions based on augmented reality.

The new automated warehouse allows for very significant efficiency gains, handling 1,000 pallets/hour compared to the previous 400 pallets/hour. With the centralization of logistics operation in Almerim and the investment in cutting-edge technology, such as that used in the stacker cranes with electric regeneration systems, a greater energy efficiency is guaranteed, allowing for a 50% reduction in the energy consumption of the equipment. 

The inauguration of this warehouse represents a very important step in the modernization of the company, being able to meet the challenges of the future of Industry 4.0 and reflecting greater efficiency and better level of service to customers, with a less environmental impact.