Agricultural Valorisation, Storage and Treatment of Livestock Effluents

The Agricultural Valorisation, Storage and Treatment of Livestock Effluents program has been open since June 9th with applications until August 9th.

In order to ensure the compatibility of investments with environmental standards, this program promotes investment in agricultural Valorisation, storage and treatment of livestock effluents from farms in intensive production regime, whose total eligible cost exceeds €25,000.

The budget is 20 million euros and each promoter can submit an application with a maximum eligible expenditure of €500,000, in a set of various items, such as pumping systems, transfer systems, and other infrastructure for livestock effluents storage and valorisation.

The incentive is non-reimbursable by applying a maximum rate of 50%, with the selection criteria giving priority to:

  • Livestock essentially in an intensive system of exploitation of cattle breeding and pig farming, followed by poultry farming and, finally, sheep, goats and rabbit farming;
  • Investment mainly associated with agricultural valorization/livestock effluent treatment (e.g.: MWWTP, and biogas production system), followed by its storage and transport;
  • Location in Municipalities with intensive effluent production (e.g.: Leiria, Rio Maior and Alcobaça).