Industry 4.0

A mold maker based in Germany produces smart molds equipped with a large number of sensors, which collect data on process parameters (e.g. temperature, flow rate and pressure) throughout the entire manufacturing process. Thus, the process data needed for documentation can be collected for each component and stored for the long term, being able to offer a customized mold that meets all customer requirements.

This type of mold can be used, for example, in encapsulation molds for refining polycarbonate glass and polyurethane sheets or for manufacturing components on the basis of PUR-RIM process. In addition, it is considered capable of producing components with high quality standards in terms of production and documentation, responding to customers such as manufacturers in the automotive, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries, who must document all production data of the components as proof of production.

Smart molds further reduce material and energy consumption, while increasing productivity and process accuracy. All information can be processed on site (in the mold) or forwarded to control systems, where any deviations from the specified target values are displayed and can be corrected immediately. In addition, the correct sequence and execution of the work steps can be specified and controlled by the mold itself, allowing the operator to always know which work steps were carried out correctly in the specified order and which ones will be next.