Applications are open until october 31st

Applications are now open for the program "Support for the implementation of Renewable Energy Communities and Collective Self-Consumption" for investments in Mainland Portugal included in Component C13 - "Energy Efficiency in Buildings":

  1. TC-C13-i01 – Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings;
  2. TC-C13-i02 – Energy Efficiency in Central Public Administration Buildings;
  3. TC-C13-i03 – Energy Efficiency in Service Buildings.

This support aims to finance measures that encourage the production of electricity from renewable sources under the CSC (Collective Self-Consumption) and REC (Renewable Energy Communities) regime. Specifically, it is intended that the measures to be supported can lead to:

  • On average, at least 30% reduction in primary energy consumption in the benefited buildings; and
  • Contribute to strengthening self-consumption and/or REC capacity in the residential, central public administration and services sectors by at least 93 MW.

The beneficiaries of this call are natural and legal persons, that are promoters of CSC and/or REC projects constituted in Portugal (mainland) in accordance with:

  • Renewable Energy Communities: must be constituted under the terms of article 189 of Decree-Law 15/2022 of January 14; 
  • Self-Consumers: corresponds to a final consumer who produces renewable energy for his own consumption, as set forth in article 3(f) of Decree-Law 15/2022 of January 14, and carries out his activity in CSC;
  • Self-Consumption Management Entities who can represent the RECs and the CSC, as per paragraph g) of article 3 of DL 15/2022 of January 14.

Approved applications must be implemented on site within a maximum period of 12 months for buildings of typologies a) and c), and 24 months for buildings of typology b), counting from the date of signature of the Acceptance Agreement, except in duly substantiated cases authorized by the FA.

The energy produced by the investment project cannot be sold by more than 20% to the grid or to third parties and the Expenses with "Studies and/or Consulting" and "Software or intelligent management platforms" are limited, respectively, to 10% and 25% of the total eligible investment. The maximum aid intensity is influenced by its typology:

  1. Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings: 70%*
  2. Energy Efficiency in Central Public Administration Buildings: 100%*
  3. Energy Efficiency in Service Buildings: 50%*

*maximum limit of EUR 200.000 per production unit and EUR 500.000 per CSC and REC

With an allocation of EUR 30 M (EUR 10 M per tipology), the deadline for submitting applications runs until October 31st, 2022.