Energy to Move Forward Package

The Energy to Move Forward Package, announced in the Council of Ministers on 15-09-2022, contains extraordinary support measures for companies to the value of €1.4 billion, aimed at tackling the increase in energy prices and mitigating the effects of inflation arising from the current geopolitical context. The main measures are outlined below: 

  • Programme to Support Gas-Intensive Industries

Reinforcement of the Support for Gas programme, support extended to the manufacturing and agri-foodstuffs industry, from EUR 160 million to EUR 235 million.

  • Line of response to rising costs

600 million credit line (mutual guarantee, with an eight-year maturity and a 12-month grace period) for companies affected by disruptions either in energy or raw materials prices or in supply chains.

  • Accelerating energy efficiency and transition

From october 1th, it will be available a line of around EUR 290 million of which EUR 250 million will be managed by IAPMEI and earmarked for the industrial sector and EUR 40 million for the agri-food sector, with a view to decarbonisation (e.g. C11 of the PRR) and energy efficiency.

  • New tax measures

The following measures will come into force immediately:

  • Temporary suspension of the ISP and carbon tax on natural gas used in electricity production and cogeneration;
  • Increase of IRC by 20% on expenses with: electricity and natural gas;
  • Extension of the Extraordinary Professional Diesel (GPE) mechanism until the end of the year.

For more information please consult our Newsletter of September 2022.