Maximum allocation per project can reach EUR 10M

PRR allocates EUR 62 M to the call “Support the production of hydrogen and other renewable gases”, with open applications until December 30th, 2021.

Managed by the Environmental Fund, it is intended to finance the first 88 MW of hydrogen production capacity in Portugal for legal persons, public or private, who intend to develop industrial projects for the production of renewable hydrogen and other renewable gases.

Projects can have different applications (transport, industry, among others), as long as they aim to increase the contribution of renewables to energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce energy dependence and improve security of energy supply, with the application of technologies such as:

  • Hydrogen production through electrolysis, thermochemical, hydrothermal or biological processes (eg pyrolysis, thermolysis and gasification);
  • Biomethane production through, for example, gasification and pyrolysis;
  • Production of synthetic renewable gases by methanation.

Eligible expenses will be 100% reimbursed (investment corresponding to the extra cost of a project for the production of renewable origin gases, compared to a conventional installation), with a maximum allocation per project of EUR 5 M, which may be doubled to 10 million, if the projects foresee investments in various parts of the value chain (production, distribution and final consumption).

Also, approved operations must be completed by December 31st, 2023.