Available until September 20th

The last call of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship for low density areas (12/SI/2021) and other territories (13/SI/2021) is available until September 20th, with an allocation of EUR 145 M and EUR 255 M, respectively.

In order to promote territorial cohesion, attracting new business investment and promoting job creation, the beneficiaries (SME and Non-SME) can present projects related to:

  • The creation of a new establishment;
  • Increasing the capacity of an existing establishment;
  • Diversification of an establishment's production to products not previously produced;
  • A fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing establishment.

The maximum funding rate is 75%, calculated attending to a base rate of:

  • 15% for Non-SMEs or SMEs with eligible investment above EUR 15 M;
  • 35% for medium companies;
  • 45% for micro and small businesses.

This funding rate could be increased in:

  1. 10% - projects from low density areas;

  2. 5% - PME with eligible investment above EUR 15M that will develop projects including industry 4.0 expenses;

  3. 5% - PME with eligible investment above EUR 15M that will develop projects including climate transition expenses;

  4. 5% - projects that encompass the creation of qualified employment in new production units

  5. 5% - SME projects that, without the need for a bank loan, present a coverage of the project's investment by equity superior to 25%.

In the case of Non-SME projects or projects with eligible investment equal to or greater than 15 million euros, the entire support will be granted through a non-reimbursable incentive. Otherwise, 50% of the total amount will be through a non-reimbursable incentive, and the other 50% through an interest-free bank loan, associated with the financial instrument - Portugal 2020.

Projects must be executed by June 30th, 2023, and may include eligible expenses such as:

  • Machinery and equipment;
  • Acquisition of patent rights;
  • Construction works;
  • Software;
  • Computer equipment;
  • Services of engineering;
  • Others.

The year 2020 is used as a pre-project reference, but the year for measuring the condition of access to financial autonomy is 2019. In these calls, the beneficiaries can still have a project in this typology running in the same establishment and not completed (without final payment request submitted).

/Application Deadline: september 20th 2021, except for companies with Pre-registration, which deadline is on July 26th 2021

/ Budget: EUR 400M