Incentive Systems for large-scale or strategic interest projects

Calls to Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Research and Technological Development for large-scale projects or strategic interest projects are now open.

Open to all Regions (NUTS II) of Continental Portugal, to this Incentive System may apply projects associated with the most diverse sectors of activity, with priority given to those geared towards the production of tradable goods or services with potential for internationalization, or that has an impact on the respective value chain.

Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship

It supports investments in innovative activities related to the operational area equal to or greater than €25M or strategic interest projects, regardless their total eligible cost.

With the exception of non-SME projects located in NUTS II - Lisbon and Algarve, where only productive innovation activities in favor of a new activity are eligible, the following typologies are eligible for support:

  • Creation of a new establishment;
  • Increase (20%) of the capacity of an existing establishment;
  • Production diversification;
  • A fundamental change in the global production process.

Eligible expenses include, for example: productive machinery and equipment, software and IT equipment, acquisition of patents and construction works (well justified).

/ Deadline: 30/09/2021

Research and Technological Development

It intends to support the carrying out of projects whose eligible cost is equal to or greater than €10M, or strategic interest projects, regardless their total eligible cost.

Projects can be supported as:

  • Individual R&D projects
  • Co-promotion R&D projects led by companies.

In terms of eligible expenses, they incorporate the costs of technical staff, patents acquisition, raw materials and consumables for the construction of pilot installations and specific software for the project.

/ Deadline: 30/06/2021


The maximum incentive rate to be awarded will be the one established in the pre-binding approved by the Management Authority, having as a limit the maximum rates established in the Specific Regulation of Internationalization Competitiveness, i.e., its value may never exceed 75%.