Business Innovation IS and R&TD IS

The investment registration mechanism to Business Innovation IS (02/RPA/2022) and R&TD IS (01/RPA/2022) for SMEs is now open!

The investment registration mechanism allows the company to start the investment project right away, even if there are no open tender notices (they should open soon), that is, without having to wait for the submission of its final application to the future notice.

Promoters who have investment projects ready to move forward must use this registration before the start of work so that the projects fulfill the incentive effect and can be eligible for support in the tenders that open immediately afterwards. In this sense, pre- is based on the presentation of a summary application, including the following elements:

  • Company identification and size
  • Description of the project
  • Location of the investments, with specific location signage in low-density territories, to identify future allocations to be allocated in this area
  • Investment list and timeline
  • Sources of financing (indicative table)

For the R&TD IS investment registration, it is still necessary to describe the new products, processes or services and the respective work packages.

In addition, when submitting the application, the beneficiary will not be obliged to submit the application to Business Innovation Entrepreneurships fund, as well as could make any changes needed (e.g. investment list) upon justification.