Management Systems

Want to make your business more competitive?

Certification allows better businesses, and better products/services, acting as a strategic factor in an increasingly competitive and global market.

STREAM prepares organizations and supports the Management Systems implementation, in order to demonstrate their compliance with national and international standards, but also with the applicable legislation and regulations

The process begins with setting the as-is state of the organization, and then is defined an action plan tailored to the client´s needs and with its involvement until obtaining the certification. STREAM also has a crucial role, through internal audits, in supporting the maintenance of certification over the years.

Quality Management

ISO 9001/ IATF 16949

A Quality Management System is a strategic decision that can help organizations, in a consistent manner, to better satisfy the needs of customers, meeting the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and to improve their global performance in a sustainable manner.

Avaliação de empresas


Avaliação de empresas

Customer focus

Avaliação de empresas

People´s commitment

Avaliação de empresas


Avaliação de empresas

Relationship management

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Evidence-based decision making

Avaliação de empresas

Process approach

In more dynamic and complex environments, organizations are prepared to continually satisfy customer´s requirements, anticipate future opportunities and identify risks, adopting continuous improvement to face challenges and acquire unique competitive advantages.

The knowledge accumulated by the STREAM team on the various sectors combined with its constant surveillance of the markets and existing technologies allows STREAM to help companies to implement their Quality Management System, in a customized way.

Research, Development and Innovation Management System

NP 4457

“For the excellent company, innovation is the only permanent thing”
Tom Peters

Knowledge and innovation are core factors in the economic development of organizations.

The implementation of NP 4457 allows organizations to define the requirements for an effective Research, Development and Innovation Management system, based on an innovation model aligned with three interfaces: technological, organizational and market.

The implementation of this wealth-generating mechanism will contribute to innovation objectives and, above all, for organizations to innovate, whether in terms of new goods or services, new methods and processes, as well as in other domains. Thus, STREAM will lead the entire process until the organizations´ certification.


ISO 50001

Energy is critical for organizations and can be one of their main costs, regardless of the sector of activity. This can also represent environmental and social costs derived from climate change and the depletion of natural resources.

This standard, through systematic energy management, helps companies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, environmental impacts and energy costs

STREAM has a team with knowledge about this standard and is highly qualified to identify opportunities for improvement in organizations so that, later, it can help companies to apply the most appropriate tools in order to obtain certification and reduce consumption and, consequently, energy costs.